All too often university campuses are breeding grounds for anti-Israel hatred. However, the past few days have seen small victories in combatting the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel as two universities rejected moves to boycott the Jewish state.

Last Thursday the Student Union for Ulster University in Northern Ireland tabled a BDS motion, however, it was defeated in a vote. According to the Jewish News, instead of anti-Israel policies, the Student Union instead passed motions on anti-Semitism and Holocaust remembrance.

The second university to go against the BDS movement was City University of London.

The student union at City had initially voted and passed a motion in support of the BDS movement in November. However, in January the board of trustees rejected it, citing that it went against the Student Union’s constitution. On Sunday, the union gave an amended version to the Trustees which they again rejected. The motion was then withdrawn without debate.

Jewish students welcomed the move. Michali belovski, president of City’s Jewish Society, said, “I’m proud that Jewish students and our allies came together to vote against the motion, ensuring by their sheer number that the vote did not go ahead,” said Michali Belovski, president of City’s Jewish Society.

“We also very much appreciate certain other [non-Jewish] students at City who have showed their support in various ways, including taking time out of their busy schedules to vote and spend time understanding our perspective.

“We are delighted that City students are not interested in this divisive campaign. The message is clear: all students are welcome at City.”