Unknown vandals have defaced a memorial in Romania to the six members of the Israeli Air Force who died in a helicopter training exercise in 2010 near Brasov, Romania.

The vandals covered the monument with swastikas, a drawing of a pig, and “You’re pigs,” transliterated from Hebrew into Roman characters.

On learning of the desecration, Israel’s ambassador to Romania, Tamar Samash contacted the Israeli police attaché in Bucharest. He in turn contacted the Romanian police authorities and discovered that the incident had not yet been reported to them. They subsequently opened an investigation.

The memorial is located in a secluded area outside the city of Brașov, so the local authorities have little-to-no information on what happened there. The ambassador sent letters to the Romanian president, prime minister, and foreign minister to inform them of the incident. She also asked for their swift action.

The accident memorialized by the defaced monument took place on July 26, 2010. According to Bucharest media reports, the Romanian Defense Ministry said the helicopter, a CH-53 Sikorsky, crashed during Blue Sky 2010 – an 11-day joint Romanian-Israeli aviation exercise.

Source: YNet