Baroness Royall will make her entire report into student anti-Semitism at Oxford University Labour Club [OULC] publicly available, despite her party censoring its publication.
The peer was tasked with investigating allegations at OULC after its vice-chairman Alex Chalmers resigned in disgust in February, claiming members “have some kind of problem with Jews”.
She presented the findings of her three-month investigation to the National Executive Committee in May.
However, controversy erupted over the party’s failure to publish the report in full, amid claims this gave the impression it was in “denial” and had squandered a golden opportunity.
It was hoped her findings would comprise part of  Shami Chakrabarti’s broader report into anti-Semitism in the Labour Party, however there was no mention of Royall’s findings when the Chakrabarti report was published last week.
The peer told Jewish News: “My report into the Oxford University Labour Club was made available to Shami Chakrabarti for her findings into anti-Semitism in the Labour Party, which was published last week. I will now seriously consider publishing my report in full, in due course.”

Jewish students at Oxford University have written to Jeremy Corbyn to demand “answers and action”, over the failure to publish Royall’s findings in full.

In a letter signed by 43 students and alumni,  they tell the Labour leader: “We have been let down by a process that has only served to brush the issue of antisemitism under the carpet”. They add that they are “appalled by the failure of the Labour Party to adequately address the alleged anti-Semitism”.

Source: Jewish News