Haringey police are investigating alleged anti-Semitic graffiti reported in Tottenham, according to Shomrim.

Orthodox neighbourhood watch group, Shomrim, posted on Twitter on Tuesday 7 July, that the graffiti had been daubed in South Tottenham.

The graffiti was dabued on the Paignton Road junction with Vartry Road, N15, and was scrawled in Polish.

It also included a Star of David – with the letters “RTS” – an apparent reference to RTS Widzew Łódź SA, a football club  – according to Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA).

Alongside the Star of David was daubed the words “Zydzew Zdychaj”.  “Zydzew” is a combination of the name of the club with the Polish word for “Jew” and “Zdychaj” means “dies”, according to CAA.

The tweet posted by Shomrim outlined that Haringey police were investigating.

The police have been asked for comment.

Source: Jewish News