An Israeli policeman was lightly wounded by a Palestinian terrorist while patrolling Jerusalem’s Old City.

A Palestinian terrorist stabbed and wounded an Israeli policeman at the entrance to the Old City of Jerusalem on Wednesday.

The terrorist attacked a group of policemen, who were on patrol, with a screwdriver and lightly wounded one of them in the head. The officers responded promptly and critically shot the terrorist.

Medical teams from Magen David Adom, Israel’s emergency services, treated both the victim and the terrorist. The latter died of his wounds.

An Arab youth, 14, was reportedly lightly wounded in the attack as well.

Security forces shut down the area in an attempt to catch any possible accomplices.

In related news, Israeli forces carried out counter-terror operations on Tuesday night throughout Judea and Samaria and arrested 10 Palestinians, four of them members of Hamas and one belonging to Islamic Jihad.

Source: World Israel News