A spokesman for Palestinian Authority leader, Mahmoud Abbas, has warned the Trump administration that moving the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem will “open the gates of hell”.

This incredible tirade is the latest in a number of escalating threats made by Palestinian leadership against President-elect, Donald Trump, from moving the embassy. Abbas previously warned Donald Trump that such a move would “cross a red line” and “jeopardise world peace”.

Earlier this month, Palestinian officials warned that the recognition of Israel is in danger of being “revoked” if the US embassy is moved to Jerusalem and a top advisor to Abbas described the possible move as “a declaration of war against all Muslims.”

And today, thousands of demonstrators were reported to have taken to the streets of Hebron and Ramallah protesting the prospect.

The international community has compounded the threats. Outgoing US Secretary of State, John Kerry, says relocation would cause a regional “explosion”. The EU Chief of Foreign Policy this week expressed opposition saying that it can have “serious consequences”, whilst French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault warned that if Trump was to move the US embassy to Jerusalem the move would constitute a “provocation.”

The Palestinian leadership is so upset about the possible move that Abbas even courted the Pope on Saturday, expressing his disgust at the move, during a visit in which the Vatican opened a Palestinian embassy.

But in warning the US against moving the embassy to Jerusalem, the international community is ignoring extreme Palestinian incitement. Should violent threats such as “opening the gates of hell” really be heeded? Despite Palestinian concerns, these threats should not be tolerated. How can genuine international condemnation of Palestinian incitement hold any meaning if nations are prepared to ignore such violent and disproportionate threats. The possible instability caused by such a move is concerning, but Palestinian incitement will only be futile when it is confronted.

As Palestinian leaders are threatening violence over such a move, we must be careful to recognise that this is not just a political battle, but a spiritual one. Jerusalem is the eternal capital of Israel and has been to the Jewish people for thousands of years. If the US Administration moves its embassy to Jerusalem it will not only be resisting violent incitement, but it will be honouring Israel and the Bible.

Christians United for Israel UK