A senior member of staff at the Islamic University in Leece, Italy, has reportedly called for a new “final solution” for Zionists.

Raphael Villani, who works in the university’s public relations department, wrote in a Facebook post earlier this month that “there needs to be a final solution for Zionists,” and “the real Jews are the victims of Zionism”.

According to Jewish Journal, the posts were removed after Israeli officials alerted the Israel-Italy inter-parliamentary group to the posts. The group then filed a formal inquiry with the Italian education and interior ministries.

The Islamic University, the first in Italy, was founded last year in the southern Italian town of Leece. It’s opening was met with opposition from the city council and local residents, however the university’s founder, Giampiero Paladini, said that the institution aimed to “bridge the philosophical divide between the Western and Islamic worlds” and could become “an instrument for peace” in the town.