Anti-Semitic graffiti was discovered on a railway bridge in Essex last Friday.

Images shared on social media show that the graffiti contained the phrase “No Jews” along with a swastika. Another phrase read “To Hell”, although it is not sure if this is just simply another phrase or was connected with the anti-Jewish comment.

Laura Milne, 35, from Hockley, told Essex Live: “I think the people that have scribbled these words are the lowest of the low and they should hang their heads in shame. I am utterly disgusted that people are putting these things on walls and think that it’s OK. It’s time that people become more aware that racism of any kind should not be tolerated.”

“Sadly anti-semitism seems to be tolerated more than any kind of racism which makes me very scared for the future generations,” she added.

Isaac Fuente, 21, from Hockley, said: “Being Jewish myself I am very annoyed. I am disgusted to say the least. It surely must be kids who have done this because an adult with half a brain would understand the sensitivity of putting the word Jewish and the Nazi sign next to each other.

“Being a young adult myself, I understand there is still a lot of persecution around Judaism and it is getting worst. However, a lot of Jews will say having that persecution stigma around still makes us who we are, and it allows to have a greater comic level then other people and we can give and take banter a lot easier.”

Isaac took it upon himself to buy a tin of paint from the local store and paint over the graffiti himself.

He said: ” I took it upon myself to clean the bridge, not knowing it was on both sides of the bridge.

“I heard from the local Facebook group that they didn’t know who was in charge of the bridge, the council or Greater Anglia so to get it removed quicker, I went to the local decoration shop in the high street and got the closest colour paint I could.

“The graffiti will come back, it doesn’t annoy me in all honesty, just the Jewish comment and Nazi sign.”