Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has thanked Prime Minister Theresa May for Britain’s decision to ban Hezbollah in full.

A statement from Netanyahu’s office said that he told Theresa May in a phone call that he expected other countries to follow suit in banning all branches of the Iran-backed Shiite group.

Netanyahu also thanked May for Britain’s “firm position against anti-Semitism,” and congratulated her on the post-Brexit trade deal that was signed on 18 February between the UK and Israel.

Until last week, Britain had only banned its “military” arm but not its “political” wing meaning there was a legal loophole currently allowing support for the organisation to grow. However, Hezbollah, by its own admission, does not differentiate between its political and military wings.

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Hezbollah calls for an Islamist revolution around the world, has carried out terror attacks for over 30 years, and calls for the “liberation of Jerusalem” and for the destruction of Israel. Backed by Iran, it has tens of thousands of rockets that can reach every city in Israel.

It is now be illegal for anyone to fly the Hezbollah flag on the streets of Britain – something that has been seen in London every year at the anti-Semitic Al Quds march. The new law makes it a criminal offence to be a member, or invite support for Hezbollah, and carries a sentence of up to 10 years’ imprisonment.

Thank you! More than 20,000 people signed a CUFI UK petition calling for the ban and thousands more CUFI supporters writing to the Government and sent emails to the Home Office. We appreciate all who got involved.


Vigilant to the threat of Iran

Over the past three years, CUFI UK has led the calls to ban Hezbollah in the UK. We have more recently launched Operation Mordecai which is CUFI UK’s strategic plan to highlight the threat from Iran to Israel and the West.

The on-going campaign involves a number of actions on wide-ranging issues relating to Iran, but its primary aim is to ensure Britain positions itself on the right side of history by defending Israel against the tyrannous Iranian regime.

Operation Mordecai takes inspiration from the Biblical account of Esther’s cousin, Mordecai, whom having heard of the plot to annihilate the Jews, sought the Lord, warned about what was planned and took action. Please see below for more details about this campaign and how you can get involved.

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