Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was in the northern Israeli city of Afula Tuesday afternoon, for the signing of a landmark price-for-tenant housing agreement.

The PM used the occasion to address the ongoing wave of Arab terrorist sweeping Israel, which has struck the northern city as well.

Israel is located in “a stormy region,” Netanyahu said. “Radical Islam is all around us and is also extending its arms into our midst.”

“At the moment, we are fighting against a wave of terrorism. First it was missiles and now it is knives,” he continued, highlighting the evolution in terror tactics over time.

“We overcame the former wave; we will also overcome this one,” he declared, but urged Israelis to be patient.

“This requires much patience. We have increased our forces and are investing in various means. While we do not shrink from the steps necessary to defeat this terrorism, we know that in the end we rely on willpower, the iron willpower of our people who have been here over the past 100 years, which overcomes all obstacles and is developing the country in a way that inspires the world.”

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