Israel has sent its condolences to Egypt on Sunday after at least 37 people were killed in two church bombings.

In a statement, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office said that it wished a speedy recovery to the wounded. It also said “the world has to come together and fight terrorism everywhere.”

Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely also sent her condolences to Egypt after the bombings, saying in a statement that Israel was ready to assist Egypt after the attack “against the forces of evil.”

Terror doesn’t stop in Stockholm, Saint Petersburg​, Berlin, London or Jerusalem. Today’s terror attack near Cairo reminds us that Egypt too is under attack,” she said.

“Alongside the sorrow and grief, we need to join forces against the forces of evil and terror with an iron fist. Israel is part of the international campaign against terror wherever it strikes and is ready to assist in order to rein it in.”

The blasts, which were claimed by the Islamic State terror group, killed 11 in a suicide bombing outside St. Mark’s Cathedral in Alexandria, and 26 a few hours earlier in a blast inside a church in the Nile Delta city of Tanta north of Cairo.

Source: Times of Israel