(JC) Neo-Nazis have been distributing antisemitic propaganda to Jews near the site of the planned July 4 protest in Golders Green, according to one resident.

The 88-year-old Holocaust survivor, who did not wish to be named, said a group of far-right extremists had come to his house on Rotherwick Road and told him that London would soon be “Jew-free”.

He claimed that the men performed a Nazi salute, asked him if he was a supporter of neo-Nazi Joshua Bonehill -Paineand then handed him a blue Magen David with the message “Jew go home” written on it.

The resident reported that “many” of his neighbours had also been given copies of the antisemitic blue Magen David, although no one living nearby could confirm they had received a similar visit.

‘I am reminded of scenes I saw in Nazi Germany’

He said: “As a survivor of the Holocaust and having lived in Britain for most of my life, I am reminded of scenes I saw as a child while living in Germany during the rise of Adolf Hitler.”

He added that he was considering moving his family to Israel.

Jewish Chronicle