A man was arrested in Hackney on Thursday after distributing leaflets accusing Jews of having “a terror mentality” and Israel of being a “terrorist state”.

The white male, who is believed to be a Muslim, was arrested for possession of racially inflammatory material under Section 23 of the Public Order Act 1986.

Shomrim North-East volunteer Chaim Hochauser, who was present at the time of the arrest, said: “We took some calls after Shabbos about a guy distributing ‘Free Palestine’ leaflets at Seven Sisters station. Then today, we took more calls, saying he was hanging these posters from trees all over Hackney. We reported it to the police and followed him. He boarded a bus, where he was arrested. Police found hundreds more of these leaflets in his bag.”

The volunteer force also alleged that the middle-aged man “hurled anti-Semitic abuse” before being arrested by Hackney Police, and provided the Jewish News with a copy of the leaflets, titled: “Israel: the state of organised terror.”

The A4 leaflet states: “The Bible is the source of terrorist ideas, behaviour and actions committed by the terrorist Israel by the Muslim Palestinians.” It adds that the “destiny of the Palestinians is just to be killed by the Jews” before quoting the Bible.

It finishes with a hand-written note which reads: “Believing in these terror instructions, to be committed against the Palestinians, the real native owners of Palestine, creates the terror mentality among the Jews and Bible believers.”

Source: Jewish News