A top London University has expressed concern over an exhibition erected by the Palestinian society, which it said ‘apparently celebrates’ terror attacks. 

The London School of Economics (LSE) said it was “deeply troubled by the exhibition” which was held by the Palsoc in October 2015.

LSE outline in a letter to Board of Deputies president, Jonathan Arkush, following a meeting which the Board instigated, that the issue wasn’t a matter of free speech, illegality or offence. “The concern is that both the content of the exhibition and the manner in which it was displayed, together with related activities off campus and on social media, caused serious harm to relations between sections of our community on campus. The apparent celebration, even if unintended, of violence and perpetrators of violence caused significant distress to students who identify with victims of that violence.”

LSE conclude by saying they are “committed to encouraging the free exchange of ideas in an atmosphere of mutual respect. The School asks that all Students’ Union societies act with respect for the views and feelings of all their fellow students.”

Jonathan Arkush, Board president told Jewish News: “Following my meeting with senior academic leadership at LSE, the University has stated that it was deeply troubled by an exhibition mounted on campus by the Palestine Society.  LSE is right to be so concerned, as the activities by a small group of students there have been so extreme and threatening as to be highly destructive to campus relations, and have left Jewish students feeling vulnerable.  LSE needs to act with determination in order to put matters right and repair the damage to its reputation.”

The Union of Jewish Students welcomed the statement released by LSE as “a positive step in showing that the university takes seriously the concerns that have been raised by Jewish students there. We appreciate that they are speaking to those involved to ensure that further consideration is taken in the future when potentially offensive events are held. We will continue to work with Jewish students at LSE to ensure nuanced debate takes place on campus.”

Source: Jewish News