A Jewish family were the victims of an anti-Semitic tirade in East London on Tuesday.

The family were abused while walking through East London when an unidentified man, who was with his two children, told the family, “****ing Jews, go back to Isra-hell, don’t come around here, go to Stamford Hill, you’re not welcome.”

One of the family members managed to film a snippet of what the man said.

The incident took place shortly after the Metropolitan Police launched its new plans to provide more armed police patrols on the streets of London, a move that has been welcomed by the Jewish community.

“The threat level in the UK is severe, which means that an attack is highly likely,” said Police Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, explaining that officers would be visibly armed with handguns, semi-automatic weapons and tasers in a “change of tactic”.

Hackney Police tweeted, “Times are changing. The MPS has to be prepared for an attack. Don’t be alarmed, be alert.”