The President of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, Jonathan Arkush, spoke at a pro-Israel rally on Sunday in North London and gave a rousing speech about Christians and Jews uniting together against anti-Semitic and anti-Israel attitudes.

He started with a story of when he himself was a victim of anti-Semitism. When he was a child he was attacked by a group of boys because he was dressed in his ‘Saturday best’. The three boys surrounded him and one of the boys took his kippah. When he reached out to take it back they punched him and continued to punch him until he fell to the ground, before they ran away.

He explained, “anti-Semitism was alive and well then, because that was the motive of the attack on me. And anti-Semitism, sadly, is alive and well now.”

“In fact, it’s worse now. In those days people hated us because we were Jews,” he said, “now they hate us because we (are) Jews, but because they hate our Jewish country as well.”

He went on explaining the recent rise in anti-Israel sentiment that has been spreading around the world. “I’ve never seen such hatred, such prejudice, such bigotry about Israel as I see today… we live in strange times.”

When talking about the relationship between Christians and Jews, he said, “It doesn’t matter if we have slightly different pictures as to what that Messiah will look like and what will happen.  The most important thing that we hold dear in our hearts is that the Messiah will bring the redemption of the world, the end of wickedness and a place where all the people’s of the world will understand the kingship of God almighty.”

He went on, “It is time for us Jews to stand with persecuted Christians, and we do.  Christian communities in Iraq and Syria have been there for two millennia, and they are being destroyed. And we stand with you.”

Addressing the crowd of mostly Christians he said, “And it’s time for Christians to stand with Jews, just as you do. Because if Israel is not eternally vigilant, then Israel will suffer the same fate as the countries around it.”

Quoting the words of the Psalmist he said, “He that keeps Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps.” And continued, “If Almighty God neither slumbers nor sleeps, we can neither slumber nor sleep.”

“Justice will win eventually. Truth has to win. And this is the challenge almighty God has sent us. It’s never going to be easy to do the right thing… the Almighty God expects that we help each other.”

He concluded his speech, “Together we stand. Together we speak the truth and together we will win.”

You can watch the speech in full here.

We couldn’t agree more with this speech, and are honoured that a Jewish brother understands the importance of Jews and Christians United for Israel.

Christians United for Israel UK