The number of terrorist attacks in Israel last month was one of the lowest in 10 months. There were six attacks in July, according to the IDF, a drastic fall from the 70 seen last October.

The drop in the number of terror attacks has been attributed to Israel’s increased security measures, including precise intelligence from the Shin Bet (Israeli Security Agency) with daily and nightly IDF operations to distinguish terrorists amongst the West Bank population. These operations are said to allow most Palestinians, including the more than 100,000 who work in Israel, to continue with their daily routines.

Since the current wave of terrorism began, 41 Israelis and foreigners (mostly civilians) have been killed by Palestinian terrorists. Around 250 Palestinians (mostly terrorists) have also died.

Unfortunately, many in the media look at those numbers and seeing that more Palestinians are dead compared to Israelis, wrongly draw the conclusion that Israel is to blame. It is also common for news agencies to purposely report these numbers without any clarification in order to manipulate the information to negatively reflect on Israel.

However, if you look at these numbers in context you find that of the 41 Israelis and foreigners who have died, the vast majority of them were civilians who have been killed by Palestinian terrorists. The others who died were Israeli soldiers who again were killed by terrorists. Also, if you look at the 250 Palestinians who have died, the vast majority of them were ‘lone wolf’ terrorists who died while carrying out hundreds of car rammings, stabbings and shootings.

The high death rates of the Palestinian attackers has caused them to be labelled as “suicide stabbers”, because many attack military checkpoints or soldiers armed with only a knife, knowing that they will be shot and likely killed. This is encouraged by the leaders from Hamas and Fatah as another Palestinian death at the hands of Israel, regardless of how it happened, causes the total death toll of Palestinians to rise and without full clarity of the figures, Israel can be made to look like they are the ones at fault.

The reality is that Palestinian leaders who incite violence and the ‘lone wolf’ terrorists who carry out these attacks are wholly responsible for the deaths on both sides.