Israel’s Mossad spy agency thwarted a terror attack in a Paris suburb last month, giving authorities in France, Germany, and Belgium crucial intelligence that led to arrests of a cell headed by an Iranian diplomat.

Times of Israel reported:

The cell, headed by an Iranian diplomat at the Austrian embassy in Vienna, also consisted of  two Belgian nationals and an alleged accomplice in France. They planned to bomb a June 30 conference organized by an Iranian dissident group, the People’s Mujahedeen of Iran. About 25,000 people attended the rally in the Paris suburb of Villepinte.

The Mossad, in conjunction with their counterparts from Belgium, France, and Germany, led a hunt that crossed several European borders and prevented the bombing, Hadashot news reported, without giving sources.

The operation included tracking the suspects and eavesdropping on them, Hadashot said.

What’s shocking about this incident is that Iran was willing to carry out an attack on European citizens in order to protect their political interests at home. What’s even more shocking is the brazenness of Iran’s actions as Iran is currently trying to get Europe to give it billions of pounds in order to save the nuclear deal. And European leaders are failing to see the real threat that Iran poses not only to Israel but to Europe.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu alluded to the operation earlier this month.

“There is a meeting this week by the P4 without the United States…” and “the P4 invited Iran’s President Rouhani to attend,” Netanyahu said derisively at an event to mark US Independence Day.

“At the same time, in recent days, this same regime dispatched a terrorist cell to carry out a major terrorist action in France. The commander of this terrorism cell was an Iranian diplomat in Austria… This Iranian terror plot was planned on the soil of Europe on the same week that the European leaders are supposed to meet the president of Iran about circumventing the sanctions on Iran,” Netanyahu said.