A victim of the terror attack in Tel Aviv last week, which claimed 4 lives and left 16 wounded, is expected to be discharged from hospital in the upcoming days despite being shot twice in the head.

The miracle is a result of Israeli medical professionals and a whole lot of luck.

Assaf Bar, a 27-year-old resident of Haifa, was shot twice in the head during last week’s terror attack in Tel Aviv which claimed the lives of four people and left sixteen wounded, including Assaf.

Assaf recounted the terrifying moments at the café where he was sitting with his girlfriend. “I saw the terrorists. They sat at a table near us but I did not suspect anything. I was hit first. I was shot in the head at the very beginning of the event, just before paying the bill, a moment before we intended to leave. ”

He had two bullets lodged two centimetres in the back of his head. From a medical perspective, this is relatively superficial. However, doctors had to remove one of the bullets as it was embedded behind his ear and was causing severe bleeding. Doctors feared it could have caused permanent brain damage so performed emergency surgery to extract the bullet.

The second bullet, however, had entered the back of his head and was seen, for the time being, as posing no permanent danger to his health. Doctors say he will make a full recovery.

When asked how he felt, Assaf said, “I’ve got some headaches and hearing problems, but every day I feel stronger and I hope to continue to do so.”


He is walking around today with a smile on his face and one of the bullets still lodged in his head.

The Director of Neurosurgery at Ichilov Hospital, Professor Tzvika Ram stated, “Assaf is a great example that despite having been shot twice in the head, with lots of luck and the quick and immediate treatment by Dr. Strauss, he stands before you today.”

“His condition can be defined as light, and he is expected to be discharged in a few days.” He even joked about the bullet remaining in his head saying, “It won’t bother him at all. It may serve as an amulet and will help stop more bullets.”