A large-scale dairy project is being built at a cost of £100 million in South Sudan, the Jewish Press reports.

South Sudan is the world’s ‘newest country’ being formed in 2011, and has high poverty levels with over 56% of the country living in poverty. South Sudan’s milk production is very low with dairy products mainly produced by local farms and supplied to local markets. This new project is being designed by Alef Bet Planners Ltd, an Israeli firm, for Indian developers is expected to integrate several Israeli dairy companies and bringing much need infrastructure to South Sudan.

The project, one of the largest on the African continent, is expected to include five dairy farms, each housing some 2,000 cows, attached to advanced milking parlours.

Dafna Regev, Business Development Manager at ABP said planning the project has been a complex task, since it requires offering numerous solutions, especially in infrastructure: providing clean water, a reliable and continuous source of electricity, feed for the cows, imported or domestic, as well as a system that would facilitate moving and marketing milk and milk products across the country in refrigeration. The cowsheds will even be equipped with cooling systems to give comfort to the cows in the hot weather.

Over the past few years the Israeli cowshed model has been used successfully in many places around the globe, including China, the US, Russia and Namibia. The largest Israeli dairy project to date was built in Vietnam and has ushered a revolution in dairy consumption habits in that country. The ABP connection with the Indian investors followed several dairy farm projects the Israeli company designed in past years in India.

Israeli technology has made Israel’s “Super Cows” world famous, as they produce much more milk than other countries’ cows, up to 10.5 tons a year, 10% more than in the U.S. and almost 50% more than in Germany, Bloomberg News reported last year.

“The Bible, no less, describes Israel as a land flowing with milk and honey. In that respect, it’s been proven at least half-right: Israel has by far the most productive dairy cows in the world,” wrote Bloomberg.

This is another example of Israeli innovation having a positive impact on the world.