Israeli Arabs have reacted in disgust following Amnesty International’s notorious report accusing Israel of ‘apartheid’.

It didn’t take long for the Palestinian Authority to call upon the United Nations to impose sanctions on the Jewish state, but they certainly don’t represent the voice of many Arabs in the region, including Israeli and Palestinian, who disagree with the shameful anti-Israel narrative.

Among them was Bassem Eid, a Palestinian human rights activist, who tweeted, “Amnesty International is lying about Israel. As a Palestinian peace activist and the founder of the Palestinian Human Rights Monitoring Group, I’m here to set the record straight: Israel is not an apartheid state.” 

In an accompanying video, Eid says, “Just a few days after Israeli President Isaac Herzog met with Emirati leader Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed to make peace and normalise relations, Amnesty International released a report full of misinformation and lies about Israel. Amnesty International and other Israel haters can’t seem to live with the fact that the world is embracing Israel with open arms. They want to continue demonising Israel and denying it the right to exist as the one and only Jewish State.”


In comments for Jerusalem Post, Yoseph Haddad said, “As an Israeli Arab who grew up in Nazareth, Amnesty International’s recent report tries to distort my identity.”

He was referring to the fact that the 211-page report constantly refers to an “apartheid” against “Palestinian citizens of Israel,” making no differentiation between Israeli Arabs and Palestinians. Palestinians live under the control of the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank or under the control of the terrorist group Hamas in Gaza.

“What about Israeli Arabs like me? We live under the democratically elected government of Israel with equal rights like any Jewish citizen. No matter how many times Amnesty International tries to erase my identity for trying to advance their political agenda, that doesn’t make it the truth.

“I was born an Israeli, and I will remain an Israeli. I am entitled to all the same rights as any citizen of Israel. I was a soldier in Israel’s Defense Forces protecting the north of Israel, where most of the Israeli-Arab community lives, from terrorist rockets attacks by Hezbollah.

“Not only that, but I was also a commander of dozens of Jewish soldiers. What kind of an “apartheid” would let Arabs give orders to Jews? The non-existent kind.

“A recent report by the NGO Israel Democracy Institute showed that the majority of Israeli Arabs do not, in fact, identify as Palestinian but as Arab or Israeli Arab. Only 7% of those surveyed even identify as Palestinian. A subsequent poll showed that 81% of Israeli Arabs prefer to live in Israel over living in the US or in any other Western country. I guess life isn’t that bad under ‘Israeli domination,’ contrary to the lies Amnesty spreads about our lives in the only democracy in the Middle East. “

Lorena Khateeb, an Israeli-Druze, tweeted a photo saying, “As an Israeli Arab citizen, I condemn amnesty report. I grew up studying and working with Muslim Christians, Druze and Jews,we all put together the Israeli puzzle,despite the challenges,we enjoy equal rights and even work to fix what is not This is what an apartheid looks like?”


Amjad Taha, a British-Bahraini social media influencer, tweeted, “We just visited Israel and saw the state’s harmonious coexistence of many ethnic groups. Arabs, Muslims, Druze, and Christians participated freely in all enterprises. We saw Palestinians living in peace and prosperity in East Jerusalem. The Amnesty report is a forgery.”


Together Vouch for Each Other, tweeted, “We, as an Israeli Arab NGO, condemn Amnesty International’s false and defamatory report. We are Israeli Arabs who live, study and make a living here, we are all an integral part of the society and enjoy equal rights.

“We are working to correct what needs to be corrected from within, but to say that Israel is apartheid is a gross misrepresentation of the reality and an insult to those who suffered under apartheid in South Africa.”

“This is an accusation that we collectively and categorically reject. We call on Amnesty International to stop advancing their anti-Israel agenda on our backs.”

Mohammad Kabiya tweeted, “Racist amnesty in their fake report are calling me, a proud Israeli-Arab and Israeli-Muslim, “a Palestinian living in Israel”. How dare you define my identity for me?”


Peace activist Imam Tahidi, who uses the name Imam of Peace, tweeted, “Organizations such as amnesty spread lies because they know there’s very little pushback. Since the Abraham Accords, Arabs from the Gulf and Muslims worldwide have been calling out their Antisemitism. The only thing Amnesty’s SHAM report did was strengthen Jewish-Muslim unity.

“Once again, Arab states do not require the approval or permission of Palestinians, Hamas, PLO, Hezbollah, Iran, Houthis, Muslim Brotherhood, Congress, or anyone else when establishing peace with our Jewish cousins and neighbours.”

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