Israeli humanitarian aid organization, IsraAID has launched an emergency response to Ukrainians left homeless after a critical dam was destroyed, causing major flooding over a massive area.

The destruction of the Nova Kakhovka dam and hydraulic power plant on Tuesday morning threatens a humanitarian and ecological disaster in  Ukraine’s south and has disrupted access to drinking water and electricity across the region. 

On Wednesday, IsraAID, which has been providing aid to Ukraine since February 26, 2022, two days after Russia invaded, sent an initial relief team to the region to conduct an in-depth needs assessment, and to hold first aid training for community members. 

The team initially focused on the region of Mykolaiv Oblast, where some 16,000 Ukrainians have been evacuated from communities on the Ukrainian-controlled western bank of the Dnipro. As many as 42,000 are threatened with flooding. 

Aside from providing urgently needed medical support, IsraAID will also be handing out hygiene supplies, blankets and medications, while working to establish psychosocial support programs and clean water solutions.

It has also sent a truckload of supplies to the Kherson region, including a shipment of medical supplies to one of the city hospitals. The rest of the shipment contained clothing, food, medical supplies, hygiene supplies, and more. 

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