Last week Israel’s new government voted to sanction the Palestinian Authority and redirect tens of millions of pounds away from the Palestinian leadership and instead give the money to Israeli victims of Palestinian terrorism.

The move comes after the PA pushed forward a resolution at the United Nations General Assembly requesting action from the International Court of Justice to investigate Israel.

The shameful resolution passed 87 to 26 with 53 abstentions. Thankfully, the United Kingdom and the United States were two of the countries that voted against the resolution. However, it further highlights how anti-Israel the majority of the world is.

Currently, the Palestinian Authority pays the salaries of terrorists who have carried out deadly attacks on Israelis. The PA could recoup its losses simply by stopping these payments to terrorists as they give far more to terror than this withheld funding.

The Times of Israel reports:

The Israeli security cabinet voted to follow through on sanctions it had threatened to impose if the PA moved forward with its campaign against Israel in the international arena, with ministers approving five measures against Ramallah.

The first was to seize NIS 139 million ($39 million) in tax revenues that Israel collects on the PA’s behalf and hand them to the families of Israelis killed in Palestinian terror attacks, in line with legal suits on the matter.

The security cabinet also voted to further strip from the tax revenues the amount that the PA granted to Palestinian terrorists and the families of slain attackers over the previous year. Israel passed legislation mandating this deduction, but the previous government delayed its implementation over warnings regarding the PA’s imminent financial collapse.

The ministers also voted to freeze construction plans for Palestinians in Area C of the West Bank, where Israel maintains both civilian and security control under the Oslo Accords. Israel has only approved a handful of such projects over the past decade, while green-lighting hundreds of plans in adjacent settlements. Right-wing lawmakers have long pledged to act against wildcat Palestinian construction in the area, and are acting on that pledge in the new government.

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