Iranian state-run TV has called the death of the Queen “good news for the world’s oppressed people” and compared her to Hitler.

Meanwhile it has been confirmed that Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi has not been invited to Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral, just one of four countries whose head of state will not be among 500 dignitaries from around the world, and only an ambassador from the country has been asked to attend.

Announcing that the Queen had died and was “good news”, the presenter on Channel 1 of Iranian state-run TV claimed the Queen’s legacy is “full of crime, abomination and filth”.

The invited guest, Foad Izadi of Tehran University said, in comments translated by the Middle East Research Institution: “Perhaps, in light of her 70 years on the throne, she should be included in the same list with Hitler.

“From a certain perspective, we should be sad that this person died because she died without standing trial, without being punished, and without paying for her crimes.”

Iran’s foreign ministry has not commented on her death or King Charles’ accession to the throne.

In an English-language broadcast on government network PressTV, he added: “The Queen is a famous imperialist, colonialist, war criminal, aggression of the British army throughout the world is done under her name.

“British armed forces are the Queen’s armed forces.

“So we have just a handful of people who have engaged in so many atrocities in the last century: Hitler, for example, some American presidents belong to that list, and Queen Elizabeth that oversaw the end of the British empire.

“The number of people that have been killed are in the millions and the queen is responsible for that. Justice was not delivered to one of the most vicious individuals of that last century.”

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