Iran’s president, Hassan Rouhani, says Iran will exceed uranium enrichment on Sunday 7 July breaking the agreement it made in 2015.

“On July 7, our enrichment level will no longer be 3.67 percent. We will put aside this commitment. We will increase (the enrichment level) beyond 3.67 percent to as much as we want, as much as is necessary, as much as we need,” Rouhani said on Wednesday.

It follows confirmation earlier this week that Iran had breached the agreed limit of its enriched uranium stockpile.

PETITION: Britain, end the Iran deal

The enrichment maximum set in the agreement is sufficient for power generation, but Western governments will now be concerned that the increase could pave the way to the development of nuclear warheads.

Despite President Trump imposing sanctions on Iran last year, pulling the US out of the “weak” deal, the UK and other European countries remain committed to it with the EU even arranging a work-around to reduce the impact of the sanctions.

UK Foreign Secretary has responded with concern, telling Sky News this week in his leadership campaign, “We want to preserve that deal because we don’t want Iran to have nuclear weapons but if Iran breaks that deal then we are out of it as well.”

After talks on Friday in Vienna, Iran said European countries had offered too little in the way of trade assistance to persuade it to back off from its plan to breach the limit.

On Monday the United Nations’ International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) reported that the stockpile has passed 300kg.

Christians United for Israel UK is calling upon the British government to end its involvement in the Iran Nuclear Deal after “multiple breaches by the regime”.

The petition, launched on Thursday as part of CUFI’s on-going Operation Mordecai campaign, accuses Iran of failing to show any evidence of reform since the deal was made in 2015 and says the Join Plan of Action (JCPOA) provides no credible solution.