Lebanon’s Hezbollah is causing delays in the formation of the country’s next government, Media Line reported Wednesday, citing Lebanese officials.

Marc Saad, Christian Lebanese Forces party forces, told the agency that the Iran-backed group was central to the attempts at shaping up a new cabinet.

Saad said that the group was looking to make sure that it would hold over one-third of the ministerial portfolios, with foreign affairs and security under its control.

The politician accused the group of paying little attention to the woes of the Lebanese people as it follows its own need and agenda.

On October 22, Lebanon’s President Michel Aoun tapped Saad Hariri as the country’s next prime minister, tasking him with establishing the next cabinet.

The nomination came about a year after Hariri resigned in the wake of mass protests against corruption among Lebanon’s political elites and its government system, built in a way that grants specific positions to members of the country’s main religious groups.

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