On Tuesday and Wednesday, Israel suffered multiple terror attacks in Jerusalem, Petah Tikva and Jaffa.  In the worst incident, a Palestinian went on a stabbing spree in Jaffa port, killing an American tourist and wounding several others.

Here is how the UK media reported the attack:


SkyNews headline

The SkyNews headline, which is still current, was the most evasive, failing to mention that the perpetrators were Palestinian or even terrorists. “Shooting and stabbings as Biden visits Israel” could suggest that the shootings and stabbings were criminal in nature and not terrorism or that they were in even perhaps carried out by Israelis.

Most news reports usually provide clarity in their sub-header. However Sky News still managed to avoid revealing the facts:

“An American tourist is killed as several people are knifed in Jaffa by an assailant who is later shot dead by police.”

The report describes it as a terror attack in the opening paragraph, however it is 310 words -almost the length of the report – before SkyNews infers that the assailant was Palestinian when it mentions Palestinian attackers generally.



BBC’s initial report when news was breaking again avoids denoting the attacks to Palestinian terrorists, however their updated and current headline has improved, reading “Palestinian kills US tourist in Israel” – a change that we welcome.


Despite the escalation of attacks this week, the Channel4 News website is yet to report anything on this attack, or any of the attacks in Israel this week.

ITV News

ITV headline

In contrast, ITV News not only reported the attack, but provided an accurate headline, reading “American tourist killed in Israel in wave of Palestinian attacks“.

Whilst this reporting by ITV is an example of how simple it is to report accurately, the battle for balanced coverage across the UK media is far from over.

Christians United for Israel UK