Hamas spent over $10 million carrying out its terrorist riots on the Gaza-Israel border over the past seven weeks. So where did Hamas get the money to fund this terrorism?

Well, the answer, unsurprisingly, has been confirmed by Hamas’s leader on Lebanese television.

In an interview on Monday with Lebanon’s Al-Mayadeen TV channel, Yahya Sinwar admitted that Iran funnels “a lot of money, equipment and expertise” to Hamas’ military wing and other Gaza-based terrorist organizations.

For helping Hamas develop its capabilities, Sinwar thanked “first and foremost the Islamic Republic of Iran, which has provided the Al-Qassam Brigades (Hamas’ military wing) and the other factions of the resistance a lot of money, equipment, and expertise,” adding that “our ties with the Islamic Republic of Iran, with brother Qasem Soleimani and the other brothers in the IRGC leadership are very strong, powerful, and warm. Our relations with the Islamic Republic are excellent.”

This is not the first admission of this connection. In December, senior Hamas official Saleh Al-Arouri bragged about Hamas’ ties with Iran and Hizballah, and formally credited the Islamic Republic for arming Palestinian terrorist groups.

“Who supports the resistance in Gaza and Palestine? Iran. It is Iran and Hizballah that confront that entity [Israel] along with us,” Al-Arouri said in a Dec. 30 interview on Al-Quds TV.

Iran is the greatest threat to Israel. They are funding Hamas on Israel’s southern border, have established a strong military presence in Lebanon in the terrorist group Hezbollah and are now establishing themselves directly in Syria. They would not have been able to do this if the Iran Nuclear Deal had not taken place. This disastrous deal gave billions of dollars to the Iranian regime and has enabled their sponsoring of terrorism to grow.