Former footballer and current BBC football presenter, Gary Lineker, has come under fire after he lamented the killing of a Palestinian footballer who turned out to be an armed Hamas terrorist who was killed by IDF forces when he opened fire at them.

Lineker retweeted a biased Palestinian report of the incident which showed the Palestinian terrorist playing football in the Palestinian league and claimed that he had been “murdered” by Israeli forces.

Without any factual information, Lineker took the opportunity to label the terrorist’s death and Israel’s actions as “awful”.

Replies to Lineker’s tweet clearly show evidence countering the original post’s claim. Video footage was shared highlighting that, far from being an innocent footballer, the terrorist actually started the aggression and shot a gun towards Jewish civilians who were going to pray at a Jewish holy site before being killed by Israeli forces.

Not only this but Hamas praised the terrorist as a “martyr” and one of its holy fighters. Pictures of the funeral showed the terrorist draped in the Hamas terror group’s flag.

Let’s be clear here, the Hamas terrorist was attempting to murder Jews and he was stopped from doing so. Lineker, however, has not retracted his statement or corrected it. He’s left the falsehood up there for more than two weeks for all his 8.6 million followers to see.

A complaint to the BBC, filed by UK Lawyers for Israel, notes that Mr Lineker has neither apologised for nor corrected the misleading information in his tweet.

It adds: “The visit was coordinated between Israeli and Palestinian authorities in accordance with the Oslo II Accord. The tweet also accuses the Israeli forces of taking his life ‘treacherously’ when they were defending a legitimate visit of a Jewish group to pray at a holy place against an armed attack by Ahmed Daraghmeh and other terrorists.”

This is not the first time Gary Lineker has shown his anti-Israel bias. Regardless of whether the terrorist played football, he was still an active member of a group that is outlawed in the UK. It is illegal to support the actions of these terrorists or to promote them, yet the BBC’s highest-paid pundit has left his tweet there for all the world to see without any context, facts or an apology. Shameful.

We call upon the UK Government to officially recognise Jerusalem is Israel's capital and move its embassy to Jerusalem.

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