The dark stain of undiluted anti-Jewish hatred is consuming Europe and America, France’s most famous Nazi hunter Serge Klarsfeld warned on Monday.

“There is no safe place on earth right now for Jews,” the 83-year-old said in an interview in Washington.

He then cautioned that hatred for the Jewish people is resurgent and can be seen in multiple attacks on the faithful in both the U.S. and Europe.

“It’s tragic to see that on both sides of the Atlantic there has been a resurgence in attacks,” said Klarsfeld, who is also a noted historian. “Anti-Jewish hate lives on.”

His comments came in the wake of the New York Times being forced to apologise for publishing a cartoon that showed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a guide dog, wearing a collar with the Star of David, leading a blind Donald Trump who wore a kippah.

Klarsfeld said the cartoon was “insulting,” for Trump as much as for Netanyahu who was “treated like a dog.”

“It is an anti-Semitic cartoon, that is to say that Jews are guiding the world and that corresponds to a stereotype very common among the far right, which one also finds on the far left,” he said.

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