An Israeli product store owned by Christians in the Netherlands is doing its bit to protest the EU labelling of settlement products by heavily promoting settlement products to its customers.

The Israel Products Center in Nijkerk, Netherlands, owned by Pieter van Oordt, is highlighting the products to its database of thousands of clients.

Pieter explains his stance: “Regardless of the biblical and political arguments against the decision to partition Israel in such a way, it is also inhumane,” he said, citing the potential loss of livelihood for tens of thousands of Arab Palestinians who work in settlements. “These people deserve a salary to support their families.”

Among the products he recommends were wines made by the Jerusalem Hills and Zion Noblesse wineries, dates and a new shipment of olive products by the Shilo brand, which the store is expecting in May.

In the past, the store made no distinction between settlement products and ones from inside Israel’s internationally-recognised borders but Van Oordt wrote that the decision to highlight them follows the adoption in November by the European Commission of regulations that require separate labeling for products that originate from Israeli settlements in the West Bank, east Jerusalem and the Golan Heights.

Source: JPost