Christians United for Israel (CUFI) has issued a statement welcoming the announcement that Sudan has agreed to normalize relations with Israel.

“We are thrilled to see yet another country end hostilities with Israel. Those who would attack, demonize, or boycott the Jewish state have lost. The Palestinian Authority should take note, normalization is the new normal. Peace is on the march,” said CUFI founder and Chairman Pastor John Hagee.

“These historic breakthroughs highlight that Israel is in fact the stabilizing force in the Middle East. We hope this realignment, which capitalizes on economic opportunities and thwarts those who destabilize the region, continues unabated,” said CUFI Action Fund Chairwoman Sandra Parker.

“This development is yet another reminder that the hatchet can indeed be buried if and when Israel’s adversaries wish to do so. Israel has no quarrel with its neighbors; the Jewish state simply wishes to live in peace, security and prosperity,” said CUFI co-executive director Shari Dollinger.

Earlier this week U.S. President Donald Trump announced on Monday that the United States will remove Sudan from the U.S. list of State Sponsors of Terrorism, paving the way for the African nation to normalize ties with Israel.

“GREAT news! New government of Sudan, which is making great progress, agreed to pay $335 MILLION to U.S. terror victims and families. Once deposited, I will lift Sudan from the State Sponsors of Terrorism list. At long last, JUSTICE for the American people and BIG step for Sudan!” tweeted Trump.


The push by the Trump administration for official diplomatic ties between Israel and Sudan comes in the wake of the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain normalizing ties with Israel as part of the Abraham Accords. The Sudanese interim government reportedly has been divided over possibly following along those lines.