Christians United for Israel has called for Christians to unite and pray for the UK’s new government after Thursday’s General Election result.

David Cameron’s Conservative Party returns to Number 10 with a majority government – a shock to forecasters who were expecting another “hung parliament”.

Executive Director Des Starritt says, “Whilst the Christian vote may have been divided, it is important that we now unite in praying for the country’s new government. There are a number of values we desire the new government to uphold and, as Christians, we believe support for Israel should be one of them.”

CUFI urged voters prior to the election to “think Israel” when going to the polls, saying that Britain’s relationship with Israel and the future of the Jewish people in Europe could become key factors during the next five years.

“We would like to thank everyone that contacted their local candidates prior to voting,” says Mr Starritt, “but this effort must not stop now the election is over. We must continue the momentum of making the Christian voice heard in support of Israel and the Jewish people.”

Christians United for Israel, which aims to unite Christians in support of Israel, will be holding its UK launch event in London in June.

“Hundreds of Christians will gather in central London on Saturday 20th June in what we believe could be a significant day for our nation,” explains Mr Starritt. “If you love Israel, or are concerned about the recent rise in anti-Semitism, we invite you to join us in the capital for this historic event.”

Pre-registration for the event is free, but required. Book online at