French Media reports that Israelis were a specific target of the Brussels airport terrorist attack that took place in March.

Mohamed Abrini, the attacker known as the “man in hat”, told interrogators that one of the terrorist’s specific targets was the outgoing lounge for passengers travelling to Tel Aviv, French media network BFM reported Thursday.

Abrini, caught last weekend, said that one of his fellow attackers Ibrahim El Bakraoui was the one who picked the targets at the airport. He chose the waiting areas for flight to the United States, Russia and Tel Aviv.

Apparently, the plan went awry when Abrini hesitated, and fled the scene after the two other attackers exploded. “I couldn’t hurt a fly,” he said during questioning. “I haven’t become an extremist and never visited Syria.”

Israelis and Belgian Jews were among those injured in the blast. This new information confirms a suspicion that Israelis may have been targeted.

It follows the suicide attacks in Turkey in which a group of Israeli tourists were among the victims, three of whom lost their lives. It is suspected that the attacker knew they were Israeli and targeted them specifically in the blast.

Following the terrorist attacks in Brussels, anti-Israel activists were seen removing Israeli flags from memorials in Brussels, including ripping and desecrating them and covering them with Palestinian flags.

While these people were attending the memorial to show Palestinian support for the victims of the blast and solidarity with the West against such acts of violence and hatred, they instead showed the West that their hate for Israel echoes the hatred the bombers themselves have for Israel.

While media outlets around the world try to separate attacks by ISIS in Europe to those of other extremist groups such as Hamas, it is clear that their hatred of Israel and the Jewish people is one and the same.