The UK’s ambassador to Israel has been called out for a tweet that failed to condemn or accurately describe the murder of a rabbi in Israel by a Palestinian terrorist on Wednesday.

Neil Wigan, Britain’s representative in Tel Aviv, tweeted, “I was sad to hear of the death today in Petach Tikva. My condolences to the family at this terrible time.”

But Twitter followers were quick to point out that describing the attack, which is being treated by police as a terror attack, simply as “a death” and not “murder” wasn’t good enough. Human rights lawyer and political analyst, Arsen Ostrovsky, replied, “With all due respect Your Excellency, surely something a little more meaningful than a proforma tweet is in order? It wasn’t just ‘a death’, it was murder. The victim was a Jew, Israeli. He had a face, a family. The perpetrator, a terrorist, was Palestinian. You can do better!”


Meanwhile, Sussex Friends of Israel’s Twitter replied, “He was murdered. He didn’t just ‘die!’ He was murdered and he was murdered by a Palestinian terrorists. Facts not diplomacy.” 

Another Twitter user offered to rewrite the Tweet, stating, “”I was shocked by the violent murder in Petach Tikva today of a husband and father who was stabbed to death on the street in broad daylight. I will do everything in my power to reduce the money we send to the PA that they will use to reward this murderer for his vile deed”

The 39-year-old Jewish rabbi. Shai Ohayon, was returning home from religious college when he exited the bus and was stabbed by a Palestinian attacker. The attacker was chased by a passer-by and later arrested by police.

He is survived by his pregnant wife Sivan, and his four children Tohar, 13, Hillel, 11, Shiloh, 9, and Malachi, 4.

James Cleverly, the UK’s Minister for International Development, has condemned Wednesday’s stabbing attack in Israel in which a Palestinian man murdered a Jewish Rabbi.

“I condemn the stabbing attack yesterday of Rabbi Shai Ohayon in the city of Petach Tikwa, Israel,” said Cleverly in a Tweet, “There is no excuse for such violence. My thoughts are with his family and friends at this sad time.”



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