Britain, France and Germany have jointly triggered the Iran Deal “dispute resolution mechanism” – a major step that could see the end of the disastrous nuclear deal if grievances are not resolved.

In a joint statement published by the German Foreign Ministry, the three countries expressed their commitment to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPoA), which the US withdrew from in 2018, but admitted that Iran has continued to breach the terms.

The DRM, or dispute resolution mechanism, allows any signatory to the deal to register that they believe another party is not fulfilling its terms. An independent commission then launches an inquiry into the complaint, and if it is not resolved within five weeks then the complainant can abandon its obligations.

The statement released Tuesday morning reads that efforts have been made to “deescalate tensions”and “bring Iran and the US to the negotiating table”, but Iran has “continued to break key restrictions set out in the JCPoA”. It states, “Iran’s actions are inconsistent with the provisions of the nuclear agreement and have increasingly severe and non-reversible proliferation implications.”

“Instead of reversing course, Iran has chosen to further reduce compliance with the JCPoA,” the statement reads.

“We have therefore been left with no choice, given Iran’s actions, but to register today our concerns that Iran is not meeting its commitments under the JCPoA and to refer this matter to the Joint Commission under the Dispute Resolution Mechanism, as set out in paragraph 36 of the JCPoA.”

Meanwhile, in an interview on BBC Breakfast on Tuesday morning, Prime Minister Johnson said the most important thing is to ensure Iran does not get its hands on a nuclear deal.

“The problem with the JCPOA is basically from the American perspective it is a flawed agreement, it expires, plus it was negotiated by President Obama,” Johnson said. “If we are going to get rid of it let’s replace it, let’s replace it with the Trump deal”.

Johnson also called on Trump to work together with the UK to replace the JCPOA and get the “Trump deal” instead.

Meanwhile, over 10,000 people have signed a CUFI petition calling on the UK government to withdraw from the Iran deal.

Christians United for Israel UK Director, Des Starritt, says, “The UK must choose to stop supporting the aggressive terrorist funding Iranian regime and make a stand in solidarity with our closest allies – Israel and the United States.”

Tensions between London and Tehran escalated at the weekend when the British ambassador to Iran was arrested on Saturday and later released over allegations that he was involved with the anti-regime protests that broke out in Iran’s capital. Then on Sunday, around 200 pro-regime protesters, understood to be radical Basij Mullahs (militia affiliated with the IRGC) surrounded the UK embassy in Tehran chanting “Death to Britain” and burning British and Israeli flags.

After a meeting with the US Secretary of State in Washington last week, Dominic Raab hit out at Iran’s government on Thursday and suggested for the first time that the Iran deal, officially called JCPOA, may be under threat.

“We have obviously been committed to the JCPOA but we’ve reached a point where non-compliance has been so acute, in the most recent steps taken by Iran, obviously we are going to be looking very hard at what should happen next. We want to see Iran come back to full compliance and we will be looking at all measures including potential triggering the DRM.”

CUFI calls on the UK to “End the Iran Deal”

The Iranian regime is able to fund this terrorism throughout the Middle East and against our allies thanks to an influx of billions-of-dollars into their economy following the disastrous Iran Nuclear Deal, which the UK is a part of. Christians United for Israel UK is calling upon the British government to end its involvement in the Iran Nuclear Deal after “multiple breaches by the regime”.

The petition is part of CUFI’s on-going Operation Mordecai campaign, accusing Iran of failing to show any evidence of reform since the deal was made in 2015 and says the Join Plan of Action (JCPOA) provides no credible solution.


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