Jewish students have called upon the University of Warwick to take action after a History student found anti-Semitic comments on a book while researching for an essay in the  university library.

The authors of the comments singled out every person quoted on the book that were Jewish or had a Jewish name.

Actions are being taken by the University of Warwick and the Library according to the report.

The Jewish Israeli Society commented “We’re feeling really frustrated because we understand that it’s very hard for the library to find out who did this but at the same we don’t want to let it go”. They said that they had expected things to calm down after the polemic around Aysegul Gurbuz, a Warwick student that was accused of anti-Semitism after tweets being posted on her Twitter account. They added that they felt stuck and that their voice didn’t seem to be heard. 

Source: EveryDayAntisemitism