Police have forced a neo-Nazi demonstration to move from Golders Green to Whitehall, Westminster, amid concerns over “serious disorder”. The anti-Semitic rally, billed as against the “Jewification of Britain” was set to take place in the heart of the Jewish community, but sparked a wave of reaction from campaign and community groups, including plans for a counter protest.

Christians United for Israel UK expressed serious concerns about the rally in a letter sent to the Home Secretary in May. CUFI has also rallied support from thousands of Christians via its website and social media. A CUFI prayer meeting will still go ahead on Thursday in Golders Green for Christians to pray for the Jewish community.

The Metropolitan Police, which had already admitted it cannot ban the demo, said it would be imposing conditions on it under the Public Order Act 1986. It means that that protest must take place in Richmond Terrace, Westminster, nearly eight miles away, and last only one hour.

CUFI UK Executive Director, Des Starritt, says, “We welcome this announcement that drives this anti-Semitic and provocative demonstration away from the doorstep of the Jewish community and would like to thank the Metropolitan Police, the Government and other local authorities for using common sense in response to these plans.

“We remain concerned, however, that these neo-Nazi groups continue to spread their hate-filled message in our capital city and therefore will keep our commitment to pray on Thursday evening in Golders Green. We want to make it very clear that whilst the protest is moved, which is a victory, we will stay diligent in supporting the Jewish community. Regardless of where the opposition is situated, the threat remains and Christians must continue to stand with the Jewish people and challenge all forms of anti-Semitism.”

The CUFI Prayer for Golders Green will take place at 7:30pm on Thursday evening. To attend, call 01793 862210 or email [email protected]