Following five years of drought, Israel’s Water Authority announced that the Sea of Galilee (or Kinneret in Hebrew) has continued to rise, reaching its highest level in years. It has been described as a “miracle” by some with rain being a sign of blessing in the Bible.

Just six months ago, the Sea of Galilee was in trouble due to years of little rain and drought-like conditions. The water level came dangerously close to reaching the “black line”, which is the demarcation point below which water cannot be pumped without damaging infrastructure and the water supply.

Thankfully, the water level has risen 3.5 meters (11.5 ft) in the past few months.

Heavy rainfall across Israel over the past few months means Israel has broken a five-year drought that plagued the north. Had the drought continued through 2019, the Water Authority would have been forced to impose limits on water consumption in the country.

“A miracle,” said Roni Manor from Kibbutz Ginnosar on the Sea of Galilee.

“We have (had) a lot of rain and snow that come(s) from the Hermon Mountain.  Usually, we have about 350 millimetres of rain. This year we have more than 600 millimetres. It was a shock to the water in Israel,” Manor told CBN News.

Pinhas Green of the Kinneret Authority said the result is “definitely good news”. He added that “2018 was a very difficult year.”

While the water level rose about 12 feet this year, at the end of the rainy season it’s still seven feet from being full. The last time the Sea of Galilee — or Kinneret as it is referenced in the Old Testament — was full was in 2008 and before that 1996.

Israel is a country with very little fresh natural water sources, meaning Israel has had to pioneer new ways to conserve water.

Israel has constructed five massive desalination plants on the Mediterranean coast and is working on two more. These provide about 70 per cent of the country’s drinking water.

Israel also recycles nearly 86 per cent of its wastewater for agricultural use.

Israeli engineers invented drip irrigation technology which is now being used around the world, especially in developing countries in Africa, where a small amount of water is used to water crops effectively. This type of Israeli ingenuity has caused the “deserts to bloom” in Israel, just as the Bible said the Jewish people would do when they returned to the land.

Israel is making the deserts bloom around the world

Israeli innovation in water technology has made a global impact, helping many countries combat drought and water yearly crops during harsh seasons. Learn more and #DiscoverIsrael's water tech.#Israel #LoveIsrael

Posted by Christians United for Israel – UK on Tuesday, 28 May 2019