Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has this week praised the actions of the Jordanian national who attempted to stab Israeli police officers in Jerusalem.

In a condolence letter that was sent by Abbas to the family of Saeed Amro, he called the terrorist a “martyr who watered the pure earth of Palestine with his blood”. He also told them that Allah would “wrap the martyr in his mercy, and that he will dwell in paradise”, Ynet news reported Tuesday.

Earlier this week we reported that a spokesperson for Abbas was criticising Israel for the death of Palestinian terrorists. He was trying to draw international condemnation against Israel for what he called “murders”, despite the fact the terrorists were trying to kill Israelis at the time of their deaths.

The outrageous actions of the Palestinian Authority are made clear once more. While trying to convince the world to condemn the actions of Israel, Abbas and his regime are actively encouraging terrorism against Israelis and celebrating the death of their own people.

Abbas will never be a partner for peace whilst inciting and condoning such actions. However, he is this week in New York, sharing a platform with world leaders. Those same leaders are ignoring the actions of Abbas and the Palestinian Authority and instead directing their criticism towards Israel.

World leaders are using the UN as a platform to urge “peace” between Israel and the Palestinians, but how can Abbas be a partner for peace when he encourages his people to carry out violent attacks on Israeli civilians? And how can world leaders focus only on Israel when ignoring the far greater atrocities of the Palestinian leaders?

This hypocrisy has to end, both from Abbas and from the UN.