A petition by CUFI-UK calling upon the British Government to officially recognise Jerusalem has exceeded 20,000 signatures.

The petition challenges the shocking bias from the UK Government against Israel regarding Jerusalem, highlighting the double standard that exists by situating the UK Embassy to Israel in Tel Aviv, yet having a UK Consulate to the Palestinians in Jerusalem.

Statement on the UK voting in favour of the UNGA resolution against US recognition of Jerusalem

Executive Director of CUFI-UK, Des Starritt, said:

“Yesterday’s biased vote at the UN was a watershed moment for the United Kingdom. Britain has voluntarily sided with those aiming to deligitimise the State of Israel. We are appalled that Britain has not only voted against two of its best allies, the United States and Israel but has also voted against the reality. Recognising Jerusalem, the Biblical capital for the Jewish people for over 3,000 years, is the morally right thing to do”.

“One year ago tomorrow (23 December) the UN passed anti-Israel Resolution 2334 because the US chose not to use its veto. We remain hopeful that just as the US has turned around its policy on Israel in 12 months, the UK government will reverse their policy and recognise the right Israel has to self-determine its own capital.”

CUFI contacted the Foreign Office Wednesday evening ahead of the vote advising Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson:

“A century ago the British Government showed great courage with the Balfour Declaration. Today we are looking for bold leadership and a change of policy towards Israel and Jerusalem. “

CUFI is calling for all those that believe Jerusalem is the capital of Israel to sign the petition by visiting https://www.change.org/p/uk-must-recognise-jerusalem-as-israel-s-capital-move-the-embassy

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