Christians United for Israel UK’s sixteenth issue of the Torch magazine is out now.

In this issue we present Sir Winston Churchill’s incredible legacy as a Zionist. Whilst Churchill is renowned for his bold leadership during World War II, less is known about his attitude towards Israel and the Jewish people. I believe this article is a tribute to his true character, allowing Churchill himself to express the Biblical foundations of Zionism in his own words. You will read about his strongly held views about the land of Israel, his struggle with the UK Foreign Office, as well as his involvement and defence of the Balfour Declaration. Furthermore, you will appreciate his heart-warming compassion for Jews, his God-given foresight and his passionate fight against the evil of anti-Semitism.

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Churchill provides us with an example of defending historical fact, which is exactly what we aim to do in a separate article, ‘Defending Israel’s Sovereignty’, in which we dispel the myths and provide the case for Israel’s legitimate ownership of the land, both Biblically and according to international law. Also in this issue, we look at Israel’s innovative responses to COVID and feature our first in a series of visits to Holocaust memorials, beginning with a moving experience in Belarus.

In this issue:

  • Churchill the Zionist
  • Defending Israel’s Sovereignty 
  • Israeli innovation and COVID
  • The Pit memorial in Minsk
  • A lesson during lockdown

We hope you enjoy the magazine and will feel led to share with others. Thank you for your continued support for CUFI UK.