Iran has today unveiled a long-distance missile with a range of 1,300km as it begins to mark the 40th anniversary of the 1979 Islamic Revolution. 

Iran’s ambitions are clearly and repeatedly stated. Only last month, the head of the Iranian air force said his young airmen are “impatient to eliminate the Zionist regime.” Meanwhile the UK stands at a crossroads in deciding whether it will continue down the path of appeasing Tehran or change its course by independently choosing to align itself with Israel. It is with this backdrop and the understanding of the threat to Israel from the north that we today launch Operation Mordecai.

Operation Mordecai is CUFI UK’s strategic plan to highlight the threat from Iran to Israel and the West. The on-going campaign will involve a number of actions on wide-ranging issues relating to Iran, but its primary aim is to ensure Britain positions itself on the right side of history by defending Israel against the tyrannous Iranian regime.

What better way to mark the revolution’s 40th anniversary year than for Christians to rise up and proclaim to Israel: “We stand with you, you are not alone; we are ready to take action”.

Operation Mordecai takes inspiration from the Biblical account of Esther’s cousin, Mordecai, whom having heard of the plot to annihilate the Jews, sought the Lord, warned about what was planned and took action.

Our first action point will be announced tomorrow.

Read below for more about what Operation Mordecai will cover through the year:


The people of Iran

Let’s be very clear: Operation Mordecai is directed towards the Iranian regime, not the Iranian people, many of whom do not agree with their government. This campaign will:

  • Highlight the struggle of ordinary Iranians opposed to the regime.
  • Support Iran’s growing Christian community, which is suffering persecution because of their faith.
  • Highlight the rich heritage of Persian Jews.
  • Support Iran’s Jewish minority.


Israel’s northern border

  • Expose the threat to Israel from the north.
  • Highlight the dangers of Iranian presence in Syria.
  • Reveal the ploys of Iranian proxies, such as Hezbollah.
  • Expose Iran’s other activities in the region, such as funding Hamas in the Gaza Strip.


The United Kingdom

  • Expose Iran’s influence in Britain – financial and ideological.
  • Challenge the legality of Hezbollah operating in the UK.
  • Pressure the UK government to take a strong stance against the Iranian regime and withdraw from the disastrous Iran Deal


We hope you will join our Operation Mordecai campaign. Look out for action points during the year, starting tomorrow, and let’s pray that the UK will heed the warnings and act in defence of Israel.


We need your help. Please consider supporting CUFI UK in defending Israel and together we can change the course of this nation’s stand with Israel.