Please help save the National Holocaust Memorial and Learning Centre in Victoria Tower Gardens, Westminster, which is currently being strongly opposed.

Britain’s new national memorial to the Holocaust could be stopped if we fail to act before the end of March. A vital education centre for the next generation would be lost if campaigners against the plans are successful.


CUFI welcomes the plan to build a memorial outside Parliament to remember the Holocaust, however thousands have signed a petition to OPPOSE the memorial, and hundreds have written to the council to complain about it.

Anti-Semitic undertones

Whilst many genuinely oppose the construction without any discriminatory motives, CUFI has seen evidence of anti-Semitism from some opponents.

This includes conspiracy theories about Jews trying to claim the site and impose their will on the government, which is completely false. Others oppose the monument because of “politics” or even “Palestine”, which should not even be a factor. One conspiracy seen by CUFI claimed the memorial was to spread “Zionist propaganda”. Some of the wording chosen to oppose the memorial also raises questions.

Many are also being misled into believing this Holocaust memorial will destroy a green space in London. This is simply wrong. The memorial will use just 7% of the park with the education centre being underground.


The truth is that six million Jews were murdered at the hands of Hitler’s Nazi regime throughout Europe and hundreds of thousands of British and Commonwealth soldiers also lost their lives fighting against that same hatred.

We live at a time of rising anti-Semitism in Britain with an increasing number of people who have never heard about the Holocaust. We must educate future generations and preserve these lessons of history.

This is why we support the construction of the national Holocaust Memorial and Learning Centre in Victoria Tower Gardens, Westminster.

By signing this petition you are giving your support for this vital project and standing against anti-Semitism in Britain.