The Jewish community in Britain now have a whole new selection of kosher food made available to them as Warburtons, the UK’s most popular baker, has more than 30 products certified as kosher.

The products labelled as kosher include their loaves of bread, bread rolls and crumpets. For the full list, click here.

The London Beth Din Kashrut Authority (KLBD), the kosher certification authority, has announced that more than 30 products made by the UK’s largest bakery brand are now certified as kosher.

The first batch of products bearing the KLBD logo are starting to be shipped and all thirty products will bear the logo in the coming weeks.

A spokesperson for Warburtons confirmed that “a range of our products have been officially certified as kosher, making it easier for Jewish consumers to buy our products with confidence”.

Rabbi Jeremy Conway, head of the KLBD, said he was “delighted that Warburtons have chosen to partner with KLBD and take up kosher certification.

“KLBD’s priority is to give kosher consumers the widest possible choice of foods. The breadth of the range will be a great help to kosher consumers, particularly to people living in outlying communities as well as Jewish students, holidaymakers and all those away from home.”

“We look forward to a long and successful relationship between the KLBD and Warburtons”.

Warburtons is the most popular bread in the country, a position it has held over rivals Kingsmill and Hovis since 2008.

Warburtons is also Britain’s second best selling food brand in the UK after Coca-Cola and are even more popular than Cadbury’s, Heinz, Walker’s and other household brands.

It is great to see such a popular British brand making efforts to serve the Jewish community. Well done Mr Warburton.