A driver threatened to shoot a crossing guard and a child outside a Jewish day school in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn. 

In the incident, the guard, 55, had asked the driver to move his car, which was blocking the sidewalk outside the Beth Rivkah Elementary School.

The driver then asked the guard: “Why are you protecting the Jewish girls?” and displayed his gun, the New York Police Department told local media. The driver then allegedly said “I’ll shoot you both.”

According to police, the suspect is described as a black man in his forties.

Rabbi Eli Cohen said that people were on high alert but that “it doesn’t look like a widespread incident. It’s just an individual doing something stupid.”

He added, “obviously any time there’s an issue with children and a gun… any kind of threat that could have an anti-Semitic undertone, we are always very concerned about it.”

Police are looking for the driver and have sent additional officers to oversee the school.