Countdown star Rachel Riley has said she has been given more security after receiving increased anti-Semitic abuse online.

Ms Riley said: “By speaking up against anti-Semitism, you are a target. I don’t take it lightly.

“We are getting more security. They picked on the wrong woman – whatever they throw at me, I’ll throw right back.”

A sad sign of Britain’s anti-Semitism problem within politics is that as Rachel’s stand against anti-Semitism gets stronger, the abuse she receives increases and by default exposes yet more anti-Semitism.

Riley was left with a “hideous” feeling after she spoke out about anti-Semitism at a Holocaust Memorial Day event in the House of Commons last week and was particularly targeted following that. Despite it being an event everyone should support.

Many of those attacking the star identity as Corbyn supporters. Riley addressed this previously saying: “[People] With the hashtag Get The Tories Out or the red rose or hashtag JC4PM, they say to me ‘You’re only calling out the left’.

“Well, I’ve been attacked by people on the left and the best way to not have me talk about anti-Semitism on the left is not to be anti-Semitic.”

Riley has previously stated that she has no political allegiance. But she told The Times she would not vote for Labour now, as she believes the party is “actively encouraging the abuse of people who are standing up to this”.