Stickers claiming people are “entering a Nazi controlled zone” have been put up across part of Liverpool on Remembrance Sunday.

The stickers were placed on lampposts, doors and and pelican crossings around Aigburth

Mossley Hill councillor Patrick Hurley said he would be reporting them to the authorities. Merseyside Police have confirmed to The Liverpool Echo they are aware of the stickers and are investigating them.

Cllr Hurley said: “As a result of the Echo (Liverpool Echo) making me aware of these disgusting stickers, I’ve reported the matter to Merseyside Police and have arranged for them to be removed by council staff as a matter of urgency.

“I also went down myself straight from the Remembrance Sunday service at St George’s Hall to remove some myself. This is not welcome in Liverpool and we must unite against this politics of hate.”

Cllr Hurley said the offensive stickers are an “absolute disgrace” and added: “It’s the politics of hate – we’re seeing the rise of this sort of thing across the country, across the western world and it’s of huge importance that we all stand united against it and make sure there is no place for this sort of thing in Liverpool, or anywhere.

“I was surprised and shocked to find something like this in Liverpool – we’ve developed a reputation for being an open and tolerant city and we need to defend that reputation and make sure there’s no place for neo-Nazis, racism, politics of hate, the fascism that we see.

“It’s not welcome in Liverpool and as long as I’m an elected representative in this city it never will be welcome in Liverpool either.”

Source: Liverpool Echo