Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, paid his respects to fallen Holocaust victims at the Theresienstadt concentration camp located in the Czech Republic this week.

Corbyn, who traveled to Prague as he tours Europe meeting with left-wing leaders, posted pictures of himself at the macabre site on social media, tweeting: “Yesterday, I visited Terezin Memorial – a World War II concentration camp and former Jewish ghetto” and “Never forget.”

Since becoming leader of the opposition, Corbyn has been been heavily criticised for not forcefully addressing alleged anti-Jewish bigotry within his party ranks, with one UK parliamentary committee October report claiming that he did not fully appreciate “the distinct nature of contemporary antisemitism”, and suggesting it was possible his party was “institutionally antisemitic,” according to the Jewish Chronicle.

In an interview with The Independent before his European trip, Corbyn said: “The Terezin memorial is a vital reminder of the genocidal crimes carried out during the Second World War and the dangers that far-right politics, antisemitism and racist scapegoating pose to society.”

“The stories of the families incarcerated here are deeply moving and sobering. Many died of starvation and malnutrition, the cruelty and inhumanity of their treatment was unspeakable.”

Corbyn added, “We must never forget the horrific crimes perpetrated by the racist, far-right Nazi regime in Europe and the justice of the struggle waged by the Allied forces and the anti-fascist resistance against it.

“It is an obligation for all of us to work together to build a world of respect, tolerance and peace.”