Israeli fire brigade planes and personnel arrived in Greece on Thursday following an aid request from Athens.

In an operation dubbed “Operation Firebirds”, firefighting crews and equipment were carried to Greece by the IDF’s “Rhino” plane. Usage of the plane was approved by the Israel’s Defense Ministry.

“The fires are multi-scene and have been raging in various locations in Greece for the last few hours,” said National Security Minister MK Itamar Ben Gvir. “The firefighting planes from the “Eled” squadron under the command of the Israel Police Air Force and the professional teams of the Israel Fire and Rescue Authority will join the forces on the ground to help put out these fires, as part of fruitful cooperation and mutual assistance for many years between Israel and Greece.”

This aid is being conducted in partnership with various Israeli leadership, defense, and security apparatus along with the Israeli ambassador and the Greek Embassy.

Additionally, two “Air-Tractor” firefighting planes from the “Elad” squadron have also landed and are expected to be involved Friday in the firefighting operations. Operations are expected to continue until Sunday.

Corporal Haim Bar-Gil of the Israel Police Air Unit added, “Over the past few years, we have improved our operational and technological capabilities and positioned ourselves as an advanced professional airborne firefighting force. It is a pride and a privilege to help and contribute, from the knowledge and experience we have gained, to the Greek state, which is facing a complex challenge of this kind.”

“We are at the beginning of a national mission that is part of regional mutual interest and strategic relations between Israel and Greece. The global climate crisis crosses borders and countries while posing complex challenges to firefighting systems around the world that require mutual and regional assistance,” Eyal Caspi, the Fire and Rescue Commissioner said. “[This requires] the pooling of means, and the sharing of technologies and resources. We are proud to take a central part in the challenge of extinguishing the fires that are spreading in Greece.”


Source: Jerusalem Post

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